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Cyclobam is a Palma-based manufacturer of bamboo bikes.

Bamboo bikes are stylish, environmentally friendly, and most of all fun to ride.


Why a Bamboo bike?


The beauty of nature in a bicycle.


A solid material made to absorb vibrations.


The 2014 fixie world champion won on a bamboo bike.


For an ecological image that suits you.

Cyclobam bikes in pictures


Interesting figures


Date on which the first bamboo bicycle was patented in England.
Bicycles from this period can be seen at the Vélorama National Fietsmuseum in the Netherlands.

4 years

The time it takes for a bamboo shoot to become an adult.


This is the amount of CO2 that a bamboo forest absorbs more than a hardwood forest.

50 hours

The time needed to make a frame. Definition of geometry, cutouts, use of composite materials, finishes.
A work of precision and patience.

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